UrinaryIncontinenceUrinary incontinence among the female population worldwide is more common than you would think. There are currently over 20 million struggling to cope with the embarrassing symptoms of urinary incontinence (also known as SUI) in the United States alone. Until recently, the two choices for overcoming urinary incontinence were either to undergo a painful surgical vaginoplasty, or to simply put up with it.  SUI is caused by a wide variety of reasons- the most common ones being menopause and giving birth. When something causes the muscles that support the urethra to loosen, every day occurrences like sneezing, laughing or bending to pick something up puts pressure on the bladder and urine is leaked involuntarily.

The symptoms of SUI are emotional as well as physiological and many women suffering from SUI withdraw from social activity, due to a lowered self-esteem and feelings of shame and embarrassment. Alma laser’s innovative new laser technology provides a safe and easy solution for the effective treatment of SUI.

FemiLift for the rapid treatment of urinary incontinence.

The safe and gentle FemiLift laser treatment has been proven to eliminate the symptoms of SUI, with many women noticing powerful results after their first session. The C02 pixel laser technology is highly effective in strengthening the vaginal walls with deep thermal heating, which then contributes to better supporting the urethra. Although the majority of female patients undergo laser treatment to obtain a tighter feeling vagina, the FemiLift is extremely effective at treating SUI.

At Mountain West Dermatology & Aesthetics in Colorado, we have successfully helped those suffering from SUI to return to living a happy & healthy life. Generally, we recommend a total of three FemiLift treatments to experience maximum effect and longevity. The procedure is entirely painless and takes just 30 minutes, meaning you can return to daily life immediately afterwards.

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