Beautiful woman lying and sleep on the snowy bedThe FemiLift has become an increasingly popular treatment option for women suffering from vaginal laxity and a range of other feminine concerns. Aside from producing noticeable results after the very first treatment, it is the treatment of choice for many women because treatment is fast and virtually painless. No hospitalization is required, making it a more efficient and cost effective choice than a vaginoplasty.

A common concern of undergoing any kind of procedure is how long it will take before they are back on their feet. Whether they have a hectic work schedule or full time parenting responsibilities- the thought of having to take weeks off work and rest, is one of the main decision factors for patients considering any procedure.

Is there any downtime following FemiLift treatments?

Fortunately, no. Alma lasers’ innovative laser technology for vaginal rejuvenation is one of the few, highly effective treatments, that has zero downtime associated with it. Patients can resume their usual daily activities like going to the gym, swimming, or work immediately after leaving our Colorado clinic as soon as their 30-minute treatment session is completed. This makes FemiLift an attractive option for working moms, as they can slip out of the office during their lunch hour. Women can feel comfortable knowing that they won’t have to miss any important meetings or take time off work due to post-treatment recovery time.

The only limitation that women will experience after undergoing a FemiLift treatment is abstaining from penetrative sexual activity for approximately 5 days afterwards, to ensure that they benefit from the results of treatment.

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