iStock_000015891763XSmall (1)Any female will be familiar with the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness and recurrent infections which are almost always accompanied by symptoms like itching, burning and the urgent need to urinate non-stop. These symptoms understandably get in the way of every day activities. While vaginal dryness and infections are perfectly normal every so often, once it becomes a permanent thing that negatively affects your sex life and emotional well being, it is time to take a stance and deal with the issue once and for all.

Several women begin by treating vaginal dryness and infections with soothing creams, antibiotics and homeopathic remedies. This can be effective as a once off solution to immediate irritation, but in the long run many can no longer stand it and they turn to the innovative FemiLift treatment as a preventative measure for future vaginal ailments.

Introducing FemiLift for vaginal dryness and infections.

If you are one of the thousands of women in the US looking for a safe and effective solution to recurrent vaginal dryness and infections, then your search ends with Alma┬┤s FDA-approved FemiLift laser treatment. Sessions are normally performed over three separate treatments, which take no longer than half an hour each. The CO2 pixel laser restores and rejuvenates the vagina, leading to increased natural lubrication and neutralized vaginal pH levels. You will notice a marked improvement after your very first session and additional benefits of undergoing the FemiLift treatment include enhanced tightness in the vagina, an increase in sensation and of course, improved sexual gratification for both your partner and yourself.

What you need to know about The FemiLift treatment.

The safe and gentle FemiLift treatment is performed in our Colorado clinic on an outpatient basis. The procedure is virtually painless and benefits include zero post-treatment downtime. You can resume normal activity immediately after your session, although we recommend abstaining from penetrative intercourse for a few days after your session.

If you are ready to combat vaginal dryness and recurrent infections for good, then schedule your free consultation at Mountain West Dermatology & Aesthetics in Grand Junction, CO. Call us today at (970) 242-7273.